Join A Hip Hop Class And Get Fit

hip hop dance class

You may not know that the Hip Hop dance since the 1970’s and has become an integral part of the social events of the young kids. But nowadays people are joining Hip Hop classes to get fit as well. It's an excellent cardiovascular exercise, and an intense hip-hop class can burn more calories than an average 20 minutes cardio session.

This dance style is very much expressive; it allows people to express themselves through their body movements. If you want to get fit or you want to be a star of a party, you should consider joining a hip-hop class in your area. Before you go, pick up some comfortable shoes at

History of Hip Hop

Hip Hop originated in the New York City in 1960. It used to be performed by local street dancers, but it has gained a lot of popularity. At the initial time, it was a combination of few basic moves, like up rock, locking, robots, breaking and popping.

With time, the dance moves have evolved. Initially, the only move was known as hip-hop was breakdancing which was born in Brooklyn.  Later another move joined this dance form, which is the Boogaloo, and was performed mainly by teenage Puerto Ricans. These dance forms became an integral part of all teenage parties and social events.

Fitness Aspect of The Class

Hip Hop can increase your flexibility and helps to move your whole body.  It requires the participant to be fit to perform the moves correctly. It can provide you a full body work out excitingly. The main reason people avoid their cardiovascular sessions is that they are boring in nature. You can tone your whole body and have fun by merely joining a Hip Hop class.

On an average session, a person can quickly burn up to 500 calories. The fast movements and the intensity make your heart beat fast and helps you to be agiler. You can’t achieve your fitness goals if you skip the cardiovascular sessions.

Choosing The Right Class For You

In order to get the benefit out of your Hip Hop class, you need to keep few things in mind.

  • Make sure the instructors are well trained and certified.
  • The distance of the class should not be too much from your house.
  • Make sure the studio and equipment are well maintained.
  • Get the right gear and shoes for your class to avoid any injury.
  • Make sure there is plenty of water and other necessary amenities are available.

Before joining any organization don’t forget to collect some reviews about the institution. If possible ask your family members and friends to recommend you a good place to go. Before joining the class consult your doctor and know if your body is ready for such high-intensity workout.